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"Building wooden toys is indeed my pleasure".

But for now i'm in the process of rebuilding this site.

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Lg.& Sm.Box Trucks----- Michael is one of the few Master wooden toy makers,on the american scene today,that continues to use the craft skills and working plan patterns of days gone by. By continuing these skills and techniques Michael is a very unique toy maker and Master wood worker in Vermont. Because of his interesting and attractive location, people from all over the world have entered the work shop in Rutland and experienced a simplistic design that is old, traditional, and functional. This could be the beginning of a wooden toy craft revival. "I'm just an old fashion toymaker in Vermont preparing for the future of my craft". It is said that Michael's wooden toys are like peacefull learning tools that aid and help create imagination in play necessary for good child development. A constant goal in the ingenious design and creation of all Michael's wooden toys. In a high tech age this old work tradition seems to be taking on a new life of its own.

Toy Assembly----- "Once and a while one of my customers will come by the shop and tell me a story of their child's most favorite toy, this is music to my ears and makes my day. A while ago one of my good Vermont customers stopped by for more trucks and informed me that the toys purchased many years ago ( in that old woolen mill ) are still going strong and getting good use. These stories are little treasures that keep me going in this craft I call an industry. Well i'm so glad you stopped by today to see whats going on in the shop. Maybe one day you will be able to do just that in real time. Please enter the photo gallery to view my work and if you like what you see give me a call or e-mail me. I offer you the best quality product that I can produce with my hands, and i'm sure you will find the prices fair". -----

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